Alexandra Volume 2: The Dread

by Grim Luck!

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This album has been in the works for over a year. 60+ tracks used to record 12 sloppy as fuck songs with more energy than a nuclear power plant. Eclectic, Chaotic, a fucking mess, but undoubtedly beautiful.


released 21 May 2011

Robert - Vokillz/Accordion/Banjo
Erich - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Mouth Harp/Toy Piano/bad Accordion/Melodica/Drums on track 1 & 12
Preston - Drums
AJ - Baritone Sax/Mandolin/And Various Guitar Solos
Josh - Tenor and Alto Sax
Nick - Trumpet
Jenn - Cello and Piano
Dan - Percussion
Matt - Trombone

James - Clarinet on Ghost of Stephen Foster
Ted - God of Recording and mixing and putting up with us
Everyone - Back of vocals.



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Track Name: Grimoture!
Track Name: Isabelle Blue!
And so he said!/
That nothing ever happened, without consequences so lets live like we are going to die!/
And then he shouted, "The law will not punish us, for it will be us that will be punishing them!!"/
And so he knew, that your unmistakable Stench of Good Will, just reaks of decay!/
And we will fight! Because these waste lands are ours.. and we will want, NOTHING! ELSE!/

And I'm sorry my men/
Everything was underestimated... once again/
Ten thousand bullets cannot stop one million hearts/
Everything Just Seems so grim, everything is falling apart/

And so he thought, to sacrifice his men was the only option for him to survive/
So he ran, the most tempting woman ever is nothing more than a fist full of dollars/
So he used, Isabelle the only person in his life that could possibly ever love him/
And so they came with horses and with nitrate, Barrels pointing straight at their heads!/

But Isabelle Blue what could you do??/
Nothing ever mattered and I thank you for/
But I gotta leave/
The law is after me so I will make things short and sweet/
Track Name: Going to Candied Island!
Life on the port is every man’s dream come true/
Except for me, and my partner’s in crime/
We’ve got bigger things, we want to do/
And yoooooou/
Got everything under control/
Sleeping in this shit hole/
And I guess it is fine/
I guess it is swell/
But I got a heart/
That was born to raise hell/

So we will make examples of you all/

Oooh, come with me, come with me/
We’ll find Candied Island and you will see/

And It’s Alright/
We’re here to pick fights/
And we are here to tear down these walls/
To build up monuments for something prophetically obscene/
And the accelerated shortcomings of our fellow human beings/
And to build a place to call our own/

You’ve got Harlot Wives/
Bourbon and Opium/
You’re shackled to inherited Mansions/
So Pardon Me, if I must Concede/
I just don’t see the attraction/
As for me, And Every Gash, Every Bruise/
Every Scar, And Every Scrape on my body/
Reminds me how, why I left town/
And I wanted to take you down with me/
Track Name: Grim Fantango!
Track Name: The Volga Boatmen!
Oh Volga, you Mighty bitch/
So fucking Deep and Wide/
I know you’re forced betrayal/
But I can’t help but feel no pride/
Ironically the life you give is sucking ours bone dry/
Now pull hard; One! Two! Three!

So Heave! Heave Ho, my friends/
We’ve got rifles to our backs and we’ll pull until the end/
And in our grave, Call us… The Volga Boatmen/

I’m not Romanticizing the labours of our lost/
You hungry rats you’ve done nothing but exhaust/
This ship is burning and you will fucking die in it/
Now sing loud; One! Two! Three!
Track Name: Stubborn!
I feel like I am going 80 today/
Metaphorically speaking I’m talking about my brain/
I’ve seen ballistic missiles go slower than me/
And if I slow down now I won’t be set free/
Because I know, You know, that I know too/
That everybody here wants us to pull through/
With the promises we broke and the promises we’ll break/
We got to much to lose, to much shit is at stake/

And you want it, you want it, you want it so bad/
But you can’t have it yet/
And you love her, you love her, you love her so much/
That’s why you can never forget/

I heard my heart detonate in flames/
And that’s not good cause I need It everyday/
For systematic circulation and prevention of affixation/
And so I can scream/

And I got problems, but that’s nothing new/
And if you want to get analytical, you got them too/
And so do our parents, and so do our friends/
Because people are people, and they can’t defend/

Every single choice that they will make/
So let’s take a deep breath and celebrate our mistakes/
Because I got nothing to gain and everything to lose/
But you already know this cause you walked in my shoes/
Track Name: The Fucking Ghost of Stephen Foster!
Not our song.. not our problem.
Track Name: Odessa!!
Come my lads it’s time to get back on this boat/
We’ve got to head to the land of trade and gold/
We’ve sifted through the bullshit of this current world/
Grab the ropes, for we sail to Singapore/
And when we land my friend’s we will be treated as kings/
And the women will come to us with seduction in their swing/
But if they claim us lepers, vampires, or exiles/
Grab the ropes/
And we will set Sail once again/

So we will make way, to Mexico/
The land where I am from, and used to live so many years ago/
And we will meet old friends, and drink with family/
And the women! Will regard our names in infamy/
And when the infantry come to capture our heads/
It wasn’t our faults, constable that he just happen to bled/
We will grab our wallets, and break off these shackles/
Back to the boat boys, we must sail again/

So my second in command, Officer please!/
Where shall we go, what destination do you see/
Odessa, good Captain is what this map is telling me/
Then to Odessa we go, to drink with the Aristocracy/
And I imagine my crew, when we land/
That the streets are paved in gold and every woman will lend their hand/
For a night of cavorting, consigning, and collaborating/
Their love, to our demands/
They’ll scream indulgences while we scream curses/
Odessa is where we’ll land/
Track Name: Monarchs Can't Dance Like the Punx Can!!
Friends, let’s sever these ties/
Don’t you understand that this path will be our demise/
We will arm myself with swords and bow alike/
And defend these castle walls from those who want us buried alive/
The Monarchy, and our parents too/
The law enforcement will also be subdued/
Anyone who stands our way will soon feel regret/
We have nothing to lose and we are upset/

This is nothing like you have seen before/
This is more, something worth fighting for/
You’ve called us vampires, we call you a Feast/
Fascist Degradation is nothing but deceased/
Don’t hide behind your children/
Because we will make them our family/
Singings songs of adultery, good times and no regrets/
Singing songs, they can never forget/

Dynasty! A word only in books/
Nothing is so romantic than hanging a crook/
And the thieves aren’t us, So far from the truth/
How can we steal, when we’ve given millions to you/

And every story from everybody’s mouth/
Will be how we fought to take control of this land/
Don’t you understand a thousand deaths will not be in vain/
Our scheme of things have never been so grand/
So we will fight and we will deny/
The purging of our rights/
To destroy one’s heart and make them forget/
Is something we consider a threat
Track Name: The Dread. . .
Remember the time I told you/
To wait for me/
And I lied/
Left you behind/
Cause the crew and I raped the sea/

I’ve sailed the globe/
Shared a bed or two/
Terrorized towns and even been subdued/
And all those women/
I’ll bid adieu/
Cause none of them can match up to you/

And I Dread to Think About a Day Without You/
And I hope you Dread That Too/
And I dread to think about a day without you/
And I hope you Dread that too/
Track Name: The Holy Mountain!
Whats this WHATS THIS/
This island isn’t right/
There’s Rats instead of sugar cane and nothing to delight/
Sir I don’t think/
Our Island does exist/

And the skies are black/
With a murdours flight/
The Crows tear out the sun turning the day into night/
And They sing/
There is no Candy Here/

You Will Never Make It Out alive/